5 reasons to buy auto insurance

A lot of people are counting on luck and don’t hire auto insurance . Due to the high rates of vehicle theft , waiting for luck to free you from being robbed is not a good option and more than that, sometimes luck fails and you end up crashing your car or someone hits you, so what? You will have to spend!

Regardless of whether the car is from the year or older, you certainly had to fight hard to conquer. Some have already managed to get rid of the installments and others have not and can you imagine continuing to pay installments without having a car? So it is! Those who do not have insurance are subject to this type of situation.

Therefore, in this text we will give you 5 good reasons why you need to hire auto insurance today.

1. Traffic accidents: auto insurance provides coverage according to the contracted policy

Got accident , what to do  Anyone who has auto insurance will first need to file the famous police report. If the crash involves more people and/or vehicles, the person who has a car will need the help of a police officer to prepare the BO

Once that is done, it is time to report the claim , which is nothing more than a report of a theft, injury to third parties or damage to your vehicle to the broker or insurance company that is the holder of your policy.

It is common for insurers to release an 0800 number for their customers to do so. This communication must be made regardless of the size of the accident.

When making the communication, it is important to point out what types of coverage for damage or loss are offered, what documents must be delivered and the deadline and also ask what the deadline for having a return.

Having insurance, the person who had a problem with the car can leave the vehicle in a workshop that was indicated by the insurance company, because they have good quality in the provision of services.

For repairs to take place, the insurance company will authorize and you will have full warranty of the service offered. Depending on your type of contract, you will be entitled to a reserve car and they can give a discount if the customer chooses accredited workshops that can reach a considerable reduction in the deductible or the installment of it.

When the damage suffered by the car does not require full compensation, the insurance company will bear the costs of the service and will be responsible for paying the repair shop directly.

The insurance should only pay the amount of the deductible when he is going to pick up the vehicle. However, if the accident resulted in damage to third parties, the compensation will be paid directly by the insurer to whom the service is provided.

The services start to be done in one or two days after the accident has happened, however, for this, the accident notice needs to be in hand when the vehicle is left in the workshop.

2. Auto insurance makes several professionals available to policyholders to resolve unforeseen circumstances

In addition to assisting in case of accidents, those who purchase auto insurance have mechanical assistance available to repair the vehicle in the place where it is, tow truck to take the car to the workshop, assistance in case of a dry pan, key chain, tire change, removal of people who are injured.

Auto insurance also includes road, taxi or air transport to take the person to their residence in case of travel and, also, accommodation if the problem happens in a place far from your home, but the mileage must be read, because it comes described in the policy.

3. Auto insurance protects vehicle from natural phenomena

Climate change is increasingly unpredictable and those who have a car need to be especially careful about natural phenomena . If your car suffers some kind of problem due to lightning, salable or flooding, there is nothing to fear, as the insurance will support you and reimburse all expenses incurred in this situation.

Accidents happen and this is a situation that we cannot predict even if we take all the necessary care in coming and going.

4. Auto insurance provides coverage to passengers of the vehicle that had an accident

Anyone who has auto insurance has nothing to worry about in the event of a passenger’s personal accident, as this coverage serves to protect the passenger who is inside the car that is insured and has had an accident.

However, if the person suffers some type of physical damage or even dies, their beneficiaries will receive an amount, as that car had this type of coverage.

In addition to covering expenses and also indemnifying passengers, those who have auto insurance will not have to bear the damage caused by third parties, because unfortunately, no matter how careful we are in traffic, it is not always possible to see the action of people and with the Auto insurance makes it easier to have headaches and pocketbooks.

5. My vehicle was stolen, now what? Auto insurance!

As soon as you realize that your car has been stolen, the person must immediately contact the police for the preparation of the BO and the insurance company. It is essential to have the incident report on hand, as this document will be requested when asking your insurance company for compensation.

If the insurance company is unable to locate the stolen car , the owner will need to submit their driver’s license, vehicle and insurance documents to claim compensation. Talk to your broker , report everything that happened.

He is the link between the broker and you and, therefore, he will be responsible for helping you in the process of obtaining your compensation. Don’t be worried, because the broker will reimburse all your losses, but for that, you need to be up to date with payments!

You see, throughout this text we gave you 5 good reasons why you can’t be without insurance and now, what are you going to do? Go hire your insurance and go out there without worrying, because your heritage is insured!

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