In addition to the functions of a lawyer, there are many other jobs that we can perform in the legal field. Managing offices and departments, working in notaries, investigating crimes and collecting evidence are some examples.

Below, we present the main options for distance learning courses in the area of ​​Law for you to obtain professional qualifications and enter the job market. Come on?!

Can I study E-Learning Law?

Those who like the area of ​​Law can work in the sector with the technologist course of Legal and Notary Services, among other options. The differential of this faculty is to train specialists in the routines and management of legal activities.

This course is available in the EAD modality, and the diploma is the same as in-person courses. Thus, you can participate in public competitions, do postgraduate studies and mention higher education in the professional curriculum, without any difference to other faculties.

Technologists bring great professional opportunities in the field of Law. Anyway, they are the ideal training for those who do not want to be a lawyer, but like the legal area.

The difference between an EAD technologist and a bachelor’s degree is in the focus of training. While the baccalaureate is generalist, in technologists the study is directed towards specialized jobs . Training is also faster, as we prioritize what will be used in the role in which the student will work in the future.

For this reason, distance learning courses in the field of Law are also highly sought after as a second degree option . In this case, it is possible to promote career changes to work in more specific areas of technologist courses.

What are the possibilities of distance learning courses in the field of Law?

Those who like Law will find two technologist options to work directly in the area and three more that use legal disciplines throughout their graduation, although they are part of other segments. Look that!

Legal and Notary Services

The Legal and Notary Services course trains professionals who will take care of the operational and administrative part of offices, legal departments, public registry offices, etc.

This training lasts 2.5 years in the distance learning modality. Throughout the course, you will learn as much about the main legal disciplines as management techniques and methodologies. Therefore, you will be prepared to make services more efficient, control finances, reduce bureaucracy, serve the customer, among other functions.

Forensic Investigation and Criminal Forensics

A second option for an EAD course in the area of ​​Law is Forensic Investigation and Criminal Expertise . This technologist can be done in 2.5 years in distance education.

Forensic investigation brings together the methods to clarify facts and gather evidence , such as documents and witnesses. It helps legal professionals in a variety of ways, such as proving arguments, supporting defenses and finding debtors’ financial resources.

Expertise, on the other hand, is a means of proving facts, in which an expert issues a document with his technical vision, called a report. In the case of criminal, it will help to clarify infractions and crimes, and may help the judge, the defense or the prosecution.

Public security

Public Security is closer to the area of ​​management, but studies criminal legislation a lot . It is a 2-year training course, which can also be a path for those looking for alternatives to a bachelor’s degree in Law.

Environmental management

Environmental Management is another technologist with these characteristics. In addition to studying the part of management focused on sustainability, natural resources and preservation of the environment in the 2 years of the course, there is a lot of attention to environmental legislation, which regulates the actions of companies and professionals in the sector.

Workplace safety

Finally, Workplace Safety is an option that has a profile similar to that of Law. In it, you will work in the diagnosis and prevention of unsafe conditions in the work environment , among other functions. For this, it studies the legislation of the area and regulatory norms of work.

How do I know if the area of ​​law is for me?

Law is undergoing changes, seeking greater agility and efficiency in its services. Therefore, the profile of the professional has changed in recent years.

First, the market’s focus is on the result. There is no point in solving the technical problem without keeping in mind the costs and financial gains of operations. Hence, the importance of legal services professionals.

You will also stand out if you can carry out internal entrepreneurship, that is, solve problems in organizations and offices. Even so, having initiative and wanting to innovate complement the profile well.

Finally, the law is known for demanding responsibility and commitment . Almost everything has non-negotiable deadlines and little room for error. Therefore, having dedication and attention at all stages of the service makes a difference.

What are the advantages of studying college remotely?

The EAD methodology is a complete redesign of the disciplines for the distance model. That is, it is not just about recording or broadcasting classes, as in remote teaching, but about transforming the student’s experience.

The content can be transmitted in distance learning classes , but also in other ways: QR code, augmented reality, interactive activities, discussion forums, readings, podcasts, videos and numerous tools that can be used.

The advantages of EAD college are as follows:

  • have the same quality and value of the in-person diploma;
  • make their own study schedules;
  • study from anywhere on the internet;
  • access cheaper monthly fees;
  • rely on diversities of tools and ways of studying the content;
  • interact with teachers online;
  • set clear study goals;
  • receive feedback on all activities delivered.

Distance learning courses in the area of ​​Law qualify for more specific and highly sought-after roles in the legal segment. Therefore, you will have good opportunities if you complete a quality degree and add to the excellent experience of taking a distance course.