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Neo Hair Lotion 100% Treatment

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Neo Hair Lotion hair root nutrients spray no.1 seller in Thailand.

Importance Ingredient almost from nature White Ginseng stimulate blood to circulate under scalp that affects to a hair root can get a nutrient and expedite hair cell to grow up,

Making a hair root stronger, Reducing hair loss, Activate new hair born. Cantaloupe

Extract Accelerate new hair to get longer and stronger, Anti hair loss. Saw Palmetto Extract This extract from a seed of saw palmetto in Europe zone. The purpose is reducing operate of testosterone that a root cause of hair loss by Congenital.

Interrupt DHT(the hair loss hormone) process.

How to use :
1. After shampooing with any shampoo, blow hair until dry with a fan. Do not use the heat strictly.

2. Massaging for 2-3 minute on the scalp to stimulate the scalp and blood circulation.

3. Apply Neo hair lotion on the scalp by getting close to a top of the scalp.

4. Then use the hand massage until the Neo hair lotion deep into the scalp.

5. Do not paint or bleaching, do not use hairspray, strictly because these chemicals will cause the hair to fall out. Neo hair lotion is a formula that can be done hair styled.

6. Use morning and night time.

7. Highlight before bedtime after apply a Neo-hair lotion that must make a hair dry to prevent acne. Or other blisters of the hair. For the eyebrow and side beard Using Using a cotton brush is applied with Neo hair lotion wipe all eyebrow then massage it till the lotion deep into a skin.


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Neo Hair Lotion

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Hair Loss Product

14 reviews for Neo Hair Lotion 100% Treatment

  1. S***B

    This product is orginal..seller give me orginal product. thanks to seller.

  2. أ***ي

    I thank the seller, the product arrived within a week, it is the original Thai, it is recommended to buy from the store

  3. B***m

    The result is wonderful in two months and I will not stop using this product
    وللعلم price suitable

  4. S***g

    Thank you, seller, very beautiful product and original I would recommend buying it

  5. M***e

    It was received and the experience is ongoing, God willing,

  6. J***h

    Fast delivery right now I didn’t use I will put feedback after 2 months minimum thanks supplier hopefully for good results

  7. V***a

    I’ve Been using for 2 months. I think it works. I’m happy with the results so far

  8. B***l

    I’m happy I received. I hope Results will good for me after use. Thank you

  9. S***i

    As the description of the packaging is excellent and the delivery is fast…

  10. Shopper

    I received it within 4 days from jeddah to Riyadh
    I started apply it for my hair and i will send other feedback once getting a results

  11. B***a

    I ordered on 25/10/2022 was delivered to me on 31/10 2022 wow see how very fast the delivery is just 6 days to get to me Thanks to the seller I believe him he sent the original neo hair lotion to me

  12. Shopper

    Fast delivery and this is the second time I buy this product from the seller, thank you

  13. y***i

    He arrived quickly in less than a week. Let’s try and see.

  14. m***d

    The product is the original same product you used earlier and had beautiful results only you need to be patient and thank the seller in its credibility and the speed of sending the shipment.

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