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Whitening Serum Remove Dark Spots

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Niacinamide Anti-Freckle Facial Serum Arbutin Brightening Moisturizing Essence Remove Melanin Dark Spots Lifting Firming Serum

●Product Name:ARTISCARE Nicotinamide Essence Serum
●Effects :Contains niacin brightening ingredients to brighten skin tone, Whiten skin, Removing melanin, to improve skin the dull, moisten and moisturize skin, Shrink pores, helps to improve uneven skin tone, dark yellow lusterless skin.
●Ingredients:nicotinamide, A-arbutin, sodium hyaluronate glycerin,xanthan gum
●Suitable for skin:All skin types
●Product Net:20ml


●Fade melanin / Improve Dullness
●Repair Skin / Moisturizing & nourishing


●Skin surface darkens
●Dark and dull skin
●The face is dark yellow with age
●Factors such as sunlight stimulate melanin deposition
●Seasonal changes appear red blood silk


1. Also known as vitamin B3, is niacin amide compound melatonin skin recognized skin care ingredients. .
2. Can interfere with melanin transmission, whitening and brightening.
3. It acts on the already produced pigments, diminishing dullness and interfering with melanin.
4. Topical niacinamide can improve the dull yellow, uniform overall skin tone.


●Whitening and brightening
Improve dullness of skin evenly brighten skin color
●Improve dullness
Effectively inhibit melanin and resist stains
●Gentle repair
Effectively resist external stimulation and reshape tender and smooth skin
●Moisturizing & nourishing
Deep moisturizing, keep skin moisture does not dry

Help to enhance skin elasticity, reduce spots, improve uneven skin tone, restore healthy skin
Natural moisturizing factors can increase skin elasticity and create conditions for repairing damaged epidermal cells
Has antioxidant properties that help reduce fine lines in the skin, It has anti-oxidation ability


●2 weeks
Drive away dull skin tone
●4 weeks
Fade skin flaws
●8 weeks
Delicate and lustrous skin

★Scientific ratio effective concentration is easier to absorb

Mild texture
Easy to absorb
Not greasy


●Step 1:After cleansing the face, take appropriate amount of essence on the clean palm
●Step 2:Rub gently on face
●Step 3:Gently massage the face until absorption

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Whitening, Brighten skin tone, Whiten skin, Removing melanin, Whitening in Multi-dimension; Visibly White, Transparent and Bright

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Face Serum

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nicotinamide, A-arbutin, sodium hyaluronate glycerin, xanthan gum

Product Name

ARTISCARE Nicotinamide Essence Serum


Improve skin the dull, moisten and moisturize skin, Shrink pores


Helps to improve uneven skin tone, dark yellow lusterless skin.

Suitable Age

All Ages, Spot and Acne Marks, Dull and rough, Uneven skin color, Stubborn Melanin Deposition

Skin Type

All Skin Type, Ageing, Dry, Normol, Sensitive

Expiration Date

36 Months

17 reviews for Whitening Serum Remove Dark Spots

  1. Shopper

    I’ve tried all kinds of dark spot correctors and this serum is helping with my dark spots due to a botched laser I had done10 years ago. I of course wear a hat and sunscreen on my face also. I definitely recommend this product.

  2. Shopper

    I bought this, nice fragrance, I use it every day, after using it for a few weeks now my spots have faded a lot. If you are discolored from spots, see what my skin looks like now here. Overall, I highly recommend it to everyone! !

  3. Shopper

    The best thing! I am 35 years old and have a lot of freckles on my face. Bought this and used it for a month…where? ? ? will never be without it! Highly recommend this!

  4. Shopper

    In addition to the fact that my skin remains moisturized and very soft, this serum also helped me gradually remove stains from the face. I have sensitive skin, and I was skeptical about its use, but I really wanted to try, because I wanted to get rid of the stains on my face, and I’m not. that I risked because I’m happy. As I progressed, I can say this cream is great and very good, so I recommend it, I will keep buying it, I will recommend it thanks for reading my review.

  5. Shopper

    This product is very gentle and with patience you will see results. In the meanwhile, it is very moisturizing and my skin loves it! I have seen some of my dark spots gradually become lighter over the course of the past month of use. I am on my 2nd bottle!

  6. Shopper

    Effect after five weeks of use. This is the second time I have bought this product. I use it to get rid of dark spots on my face. So far, it seems to be working very well. When I see the black spots decrease, I can’t wait to finish this bottle… I’ll keep buying more essence.

  7. Shopper

    It’s a wonderful essence. It has a nice fragrance, the skin becomes smoother, softer and fuller, and most of the melasma freckles are gone. Did not cause anaphylaxis or anaphylaxis.

  8. Shopper

    Tried a few different creams and serums. This is the best one so far. After the user finished my first can, the spots became lighter. I’ll buy another one. It works!

  9. Shopper

    I read the comments and insisted on using this essence. I wear sunscreen every day when I go out. After using it for four weeks, I had a very obvious change. The freckles on my face have obviously faded. Great product.

  10. Shopper

    Timely delivery. The fragrance is very light and effective, and the skin becomes smooth. I recommend you.-Thank you.-Thank you.

  11. Shopper

    This product is great. I’ve only been using it for almost a month and I love it. I use it on my knees first because I want to see if I have a reaction before I use it on my face. Today, I began to notice the fading and brightening of the black spots. You need to be patient and persistent and you will get results. It’s quick, it’s packaged, it’s light, it’s not too strong. I would recommend it!

  12. Shopper

    I’ve had age spots on my face for years, and thanks to this product, they’ve shrunk a lot. I like this product and will buy many more. It also works as a great moisturizer.

  13. Shopper

    I have received the essence. I have compared it with my other bottle of 20ml liquid spray, and the nicotinamide serum is indeed much larger. The capacity of 20ml is enough. I tried it on my hands. It’s very delicate. I love it.

  14. Shopper

    I’m very satisfied with this product. When I realized that it was really effective, I continued to use it, but only once every other day. It lasted about two months. I can happily say that my black spots have almost disappeared! I suggest 100%

  15. D***a

    Package was liking and I’v got only a half of bottle.

  16. n***

    Is as the description, arrived before time, came very well, envened and protected in a kind of inflated little ball, the content is 20ml looks small when it is seen live, as the product description on the page, I will try and see if you do what this product promises, Many thanks to the seller I recommend it, if the product complies with what it promises I will buy again

  17. M***Z

    It comes as is in the images placed in the publication, very well packed (bring an air bag, around the product so that it does not break), well sealed the box, arrived super fast 🙂

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