Smartphone: why is it important to have insurance?

Day after day, people on their way back and forth are carrying or showing their smartphones and many of these devices have cost a lot!

In cities without security, it is essential to have insurance for your smartphone , as data from the Security Department recorded that 6 out of 10 robberies are from cell phones.

These data prove that between 2016 and 2017 smartphone thefts only increased and how we are sure that you would not go around with fifteen hundred, two thousand or even three thousand reais in cash without special attention, with your mobile device it can’t be different!

Mobile insurance prevents loss and return on investment is easily obtained

peoples have not had any kind of security for a long time, especially when they are using their smartphones in public places! However, it’s no use looking around all the time, especially if you use this device to work outside the office.

If your profile is as stated above, all your professional information is on your smartphone so that means it’s time to bet on mobile insurance.

If you are robbed, all you have to do is claim your insurance and, through the policy, the contracted company will fully refund the price of your mobile device or even provide you with equivalent equipment so that you do not stop working.

Anyone who wants to have a quality cell phone knows that to buy it they will have to spend an average of one thousand five hundred reais more, but there are models that cost more than 3 thousand reais.

So, we are talking about a product that is expensive and even if you have money to spare, having to spend 3 thousand reais every time is not a good idea, is it?

Having smartphone insurance is essential, because the more valuable the device, the greater the chance of theft happening.

Therefore, the greater the amount invested in the purchase of a smartphone, the greater the need to contract mobile insurance , because having an iPhone 7 or a Galaxy S8 makes you a possible victim, so as the old saying goes, it is better prevent than cure.

Smartphone insurance guarantees a new device when accidents happen

Of course, the constant theft of smartphones is the main reason for purchasing a mobile phone, but not only that. Have you ever imagined spilling water or any other beverage on your smartphone? Well, we know that this condition is not positive at all!

In fact, some equipment already comes from the factory with protection for dust and water, but if it falls into a pool or a toilet, this protection will not be enough. Thus, there is no denying that insurance is not a much more advantageous option.

Before taking out the insurance, check with the insurance company if the plan you choose offers this type of coverage, as this is a way to be protected in the face of an accident like this.

Insurance company teaches how to keep your personal data always safe

However, you who read this text may be thinking: ok, I will have insurance and if something happens, I will receive a new mobile device, but is it the data and information that was on the device?

When taking out cell phone insurance , the company you choose will guide you to install various protection software on your smartphone so that your data remains safe.

It is critical to keep your apps and photo folders with passwords , because if the device is stolen, the individual will not have access to that personal information. Not to mention that those looking for smartphone insurance already show that they are concerned and want their cell phone to remain safe.

Hiring insurance guarantees quick resolution of the problem

When we take out insurance, for whatever purpose, we hope not to use it, but people do not think that by purchasing this protection, in this case the policy, they are choosing to have peace of mind and security.

It’s not, because you have insurance that nothing bad will happen to you, your car or your smartphone, but that means that if something happens out of your plans, having insurance will help you have a quick solution.

Thinking in this way, consider how much you will save, as you will not have to buy a cell phone like yours, as the insurance will return the device to you.

Of course, you will have to pay the policy installments, but you can be sure that the value is much less than the investment that would be spent on acquiring a new device equal to the one you had. Not to mention that nothing prevents you from being robbed again.


See how many advantages you have when purchasing smartphone insurance? There is no denying that the benefits are countless when compared to the risk we are exposed to every day on the street when taking the device out of our pocket.

Being without a cell phone means being disconnected from the world, do you agree? Therefore, with insurance, this problem is easily solved, because the insurance guarantees the restoration of communication in a quick and effective way, as it will only be necessary to follow the instructions to notify the company of the theft to have a new device available.

So, if the worst happens, in addition to not having to wait for the card bill to close to buy another one and also having to pay the installments, you will not lose business, as the insurance will put it in your hands very quickly. a new mobile device.

Find out how we can help you keep your data very safe and your accounts always in the blue, after all, you can’t spend all the time to get a new cell phone, right?

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