Top 15 free business administration courses

One of the best things to do when you’re bored is learn something new.

And although business administration demands full time, you can take advantage of your free time to learn the basics of this career.

We present the 15 best free and online business administration courses . They cover topics such as entrepreneurship , leadership , business plan , team management, finances and much more.

✅ Check them out!

1. How to generate business ideas, in UniMOOC

Every great business starts with a great idea. If you don’t believe us, ask Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon , or Elon Musk (aka Hank Scorpio?), owner of Tesla . Well, the question is: how to find a business idea?

We know that when it comes to putting things on paper, our dreams almost vanish. For this reason, the  How to generate business ideas course teaches you the different ways in which you can take advantage of and develop business opportunities .

2. Entrepreneurship while young, on YouTube

If you need inspiration to get into management, YouTube has thousands of success stories about young entrepreneurs making it big .

From hackers to influencers, there you will surely see someone whose case reveals unsuspected opportunities.

3. Strategies for entrepreneurs, in Tutellus

In case you start planning how to start your own business, you should keep in mind that you have to play the double role of administrator and investor . So you must know the main strategies of the entrepreneur and how to apply them in your situation.

? This Strategies and Tactics for Entrepreneurs course is 100% practical.

Its objective is to introduce you to negotiation techniques and emotional skills to manage your company efficiently.

You can access the video material through Tutellus , one of the many educational platforms with quality content. These sites are like an online knowledge candy store, as there are a wide variety of free business administration courses.

4. Leadership in the company, in Tutellus

As an administrator you will have to deal with challenges of costs, productivity, operation and everything essential for the operation of the company .

Do not even think that you will be able to do it all by yourself! You must know how to delegate functions and monitor that they are fulfilled.

To do this, Nancy Adler, an expert in Leadership from McGill University, gave the seminar on Global Leadership and Management in which she sets out the pillars for knowing how to manage a company.

5. Keys for the business plan, in UniMOOC

Do you have your business idea. How will you implement it? One of the most common mistakes of entrepreneurs is to believe that you can achieve it only with common sense and trusting your intuition.

In the course Keys to design a business model or plan you will learn when a project is economically viable and you will know the fundamentals of the Canvas model .

This is preferred by startups looking to optimize operations and reduce costs to get off the ground.

6. Business Management for SMEs, on Coursera

Let’s move on to the free training-type business administration courses . These teach you key concepts and practices. They also show you how you should use information technology if you want to take your business to the next level. Take note!

Successful Business Management for SMEs is available on the Coursera platform without any payment.

It is intended for managers of small and medium-sized businesses to learn how to create customer value and explores the fundamentals of accounting, management, business control and team management.

These types of general courses are the perfect platform to jump into more extensive courses on the subject.

7. Fundamentals of Strategic Management, on edX

Strategic management is one of the foundations of business management. It generates solutions for companies in the globalized world and teaches entrepreneurs to grow in a context of constant innovation and competitiveness.

✅ To introduce you to this matter, we recommend Fundamentals of Strategic Administration .

You will learn to write the company’s mission, detect strengths and problems, compare Business Process Management software and KPIs to monitor the company’s performance in specific activities.

8. Strategic Management, on Coursera

From a research approach, the Strategic Management course  teaches you to identify competitive advantages in companies and other organizations. You can sign up for free and, if you want, you only pay for the certificate.

You will learn basic aspects of business administration such as:

  • Measure the success of a business.
  • Ideas to encourage a business environment.
  • Find sources of advantage within your company.
  • predict competitiveness.

9. Introduction to Project Management, on edX

Project management is another essential branch of business administration. Once you have a model adapted to your business, this discipline allows you to implement it strategically.

If you’re serious about going down the entrepreneurial path, you need to perfect your time, staff, and risk management. The Introduction to Project Management course focuses on these competencies . It is available in a free version —without a certificate— on the edX platform.

Become a project manager with this course and start your professional future in Canada! ?

10. Operations Management, on edX

Operations management is the third type of business administration courses you should take. It is about evaluating your business model from the perspective of the relationship with your customers.

This Operations Management course teaches you how to manage capacities, waiting times and prices. All this with a view to improving the company’s processes . You will also know how to measure the success of your company with the perception of your customers.

11. Principles of Analysis and Financial Instruments, on edX

The business world is increasingly competitive and specialized. That forces you to complement your business training with other disciplines.

✅ An instruction in finance, for example, will allow you to make essential decisions.

With the course Principles of Analysis and Financial Instruments you learn how to use financial statements to decide on investment, financing and operation of the company. Simply put, you establish how the money comes in and is used.

12. Knowing the costs, on edX

Another complementary knowledge to free business administration courses is cost accounting . It is a discipline for the strategic planning of the company that allows you to keep expenses within the budget.

The Knowing Costs course focuses on cost management in a manufacturing industry. Hence, it provides the basis for understanding this concept and applying it to service or trade companies. Sign up!

13. Digital marketing, in Google Activate

Although marketing comes out of the field of administration, today no company grows without an Internet and social media strategy . Do you know how to implement it to boost your business?

This Digital Marketing course was created by Google experts. It is made up of very practical exercises and examples to help you achieve quick results. Plus, you get a free certificate upon completion!

Study Digital Marketing in Canada and prepare to be a specialist! ?

14. Tools for Business Intelligence, in UniMOOC

Business Intelligence is another of the STEM careers that is transforming business administration.

It refers to the techniques to convert large amounts of data into valuable information for the company.

Tools for Business Intelligence is a program that allows you to learn about the main BI platforms to implement this discipline in your company. It also teaches you the basics of data storage, protection, visualization, and mining.

Would you like to study Business Intelligence in Canada? Know the details!

15. Electronic commerce, in Google Activate

The digital transformation of business is accelerating. If you want to start an online business , the Electronic Commerce course gives you a super practical guide to launch your business into the electronic world.

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