What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Those who struggle to have a property nowadays, always look for ways to protect their property at any cost. And a good way to do that is by ensuring what we call home insurance .

Residential insurance is nothing more than a modality of insurance , contracted to ensure that a property is protected against any damage or accidents that may happen to it. Now, do you know what home insurance actually covers?

If the answer is no, then continue reading this article and find out what are the damages, accidents and interference that are covered by home insurance.

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Basic coverage and the importance of home insurance for your finances

Basic home insurance coverage includes “only” protection against fire, lightning and explosion.

In addition, basic home insurance coverage also guarantees that all objects damaged by a fire are indemnified, provided that the fire has an accidental or criminal reason.

The same goes for the structure of your residence, which in the event of any damage caused by fire, lightning or explosion, is also compensated according to the extent of its severity.

However, it is worth remembering that this is only the most basic coverage within this type of insurance. There are still many other risk situations that can be covered by a more robust policy , as you will see below.

Protection from electrical damage, theft and theft, collapsing and more!

Home insurance policies that have greater coverage can ensure that you are “free” from financial complications from electrical damage, theft, theft, collapse, broken glass (such as windows, for example), windstorms, hail, aircraft crashes. , vehicle impact and much more.

Even cyclone , hurricane and tornado protection may be included in home insurance, depending on your location and the need for protection against these natural disasters.

In addition, this type of insurance also provides assistance in cases of services that are usually necessary on a daily basis and that are aimed at the residence itself , such as electrician , locksmith , plumber , among others. Remembering that this assistance will only be provided in more urgent cases.

The most important thing when hiring this type of insurance is that you evaluate the contract . And, based on that, try to close with the insurance company or brokerage that offers the best coverage to meet your needs involving the protection of your residence.

Why buy home insurance?

Imagine yourself in the situation of losing your entire electrical panel in your home due to lightning? Or imagine yourself in the situation of a complete short circuit in your house?

Hiring a good electrician and all the materials needed to solve this type of problem can cost a lot of money. Not to mention the electrical appliances that can be damaged in the course of this process.

By contracting insurance that covers this type of damage, you are exempt from most of the costs, your appliances are repaired or compensated and you are “free” from the very high expenses that can wipe out almost any bank account.

The same goes for people who protect themselves from robberies and theft with home insurance . In some states, the need for assistance like the one offered by home insurance is even greater.

In addition, hiring an insurance company that can guarantee the protection of your residence will not only provide you with more peace of mind , but also this is a service where the cost-benefit is very favorable to the beneficiary. That is, you will have the security you need , at a cost that fits in your pocket.

How to buy home insurance?

The first thing you should do to buy this type of insurance is to look for a specialized insurance company, who can explain what the policies of this insurance cover, as well as which one is the best to meet your main needs at the moment.

In addition, it is important that you do not close a contract only considering the value of home insurance.

That’s because, often too cheap, can be expensive for your pocket. In addition to price, you need to take into account other factors, such as:

  • The credibility of the insurer, as well as its references in this segment;
  •  Damage covered by insurance;
  • The support offered by the specialized insurance company;
  • What are the deductibles for each coverage.

Anyway, these are just some issues that should be evaluated by you, before closing the contract. But, the ideal is that you do your research, in loco or on the internet, and try to find out about the insurance company you want to hire.

In addition, it is also important that you know what your obligations are to be entitled to home insurance compensation .

For example, if you have taken out coverage against theft and also electrical damage, your duty in this case will be to make a list informing all the material goods that will be insured . But this will only be necessary if the insurance company itself does not carry out a prior inspection of your home.

When compiling the list, try to include white goods, such as refrigerator , stove , washing machine, as well as electronics . Other furniture, clothes and other objects should not be included in this list.

If you purchase new equipment during the term of home insurance, it is important that you inform the insurance company, so that the list assembled at the beginning is updated.

Ensure more security for your residence !!!

As you can see, home insurance is a very necessary type of service these days, as its coverage can guarantee protection against many types of common day-to-day problems.

Therefore, take all the necessary care and ensure that you hire an insurance company that can offer the ideal coverage to leave you at peace with the security of your home.

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